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Adjustment Program Epson PX-M650F - EAI ver.1.0.5

Adjustment Program Epson PX-M650F - EAI ver.1.0.5
Adjustment Program Epson PX-M650F - EAI ver.1.0.5
Questions and 
Error Code
: 20000xxx when using the Adjustment Programs. What to do?
Communication error! Error Code:
20000xxx occurs because the printer is still processing previous commands and is not ready to accept commands from the setup program.  
 Therefore, when the printer receives the command  Main pad counter - Check example, the power indicator blinks for about 60 seconds. The printer can handle the following example of the Main Panel Counter - Initialization after 60 seconds command. Communication error! Error code: 20000xxx occurs because a second "Main Panel Counter -> Reset" command was executed while the printer was processing the previous command. So, wait for the power light to stop blinking before running the following command. If your Epson printer is damaged and you need a replacement part, after replacing the damaged part, use the calibration program to reset the printer to work optimally with the new part. If you have any problems repairing your faulty printer yourself, we recommend that you contact an Epson Authorized Customer Service Center.

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