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Adjustment Program Epson PX-535F

Adjustment Program Epson PX-535F

As mentioned in the Parts List document above, there are basic engine similarities between the Epson PX-535F / WF-2540 / WF-2548. Based on this information, we conclude that there is a possibility that the Epson WF-2540 Adjustment Program can be used on the Epson PX-535F. Although this is not certain, but you can try resetting the Epson PX-535F using the Epson WF-2540 Adjustment Program. Here's how to use the Epson WF-2540 Adjustment Program on the Epson PX-535F.
  • Download Adjustment Program Epson PX-535F
  • Extract rar file (PASS RAR : avastudio
  • Right click AdjProg and select Properties
  • Select Compatibility
  • Check the box Run this program in Win XP SP3
  • Check the box Run this program as an administrator
  • Click OK to apply
  • Open AdjProg
  • Click Select
  • Model Name: WF-2540
  • Port: select USB port Epson PX-535F
  • Click OK to apply
For further information regarding the use of the Adjustment Program, please read How to use the Epson WF-2540 Adjustment Program

Questions and Answers
Error Code: 20000xxx when using the Adjustment Program. What to do?
It is difficult to provide a specific solution without more information about the context in which the error code is appearing and what type of adjustment program you are using. However, some general steps that may help in resolving an error code like 20000xxx include:
  • Restarting the program or device on which the adjustment program is running.
  • Checking for updates or patches for the adjustment program.
  • Checking for any compatibility issues with other programs or devices that may be running at the same time.
  • Reviewing the program's documentation or user manual for troubleshooting information or contact the support team for the adjustment program for further assistance.
  • Try searching the error code on internet to find out the solution from other users.
  • If all of the above fails, try uninstalling the program and reinstalling it again.
It's always good to have the more information about the context and the program you are using.

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