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Adjustment Program Epson WF-2541

Adjustment Program Epson WF-2541

Adjustment Program Epson WF-2541

Sorry, we don't have Adjustment Program Epson WF-2541. Based on the information in the Service Manual (read Service Manual page 10), what is included in the Epson WF-2540 Series is the WF-2540 / WF-2541 / WF-2548. Based on this information we conclude that the Epson  WF-2540 Adjustment Program can be used on the Epson WF-2541. Here's how to use the Epson WF-2540 Adjustment Program on the Epson WF-2541.
  • Download Adjustment Program Epson WF-2541
  • Extract rar file ( PASS RAR : avastudio )
  • Right click AdjProg and select Properties
  • Select Compatibility
  • Check the box Run this program in Win XP SP3
  • Check the box Run this program as an administrator
  • Click OK to apply
  • Open AdjProg
  • Click Select
  • Model Name: WF-2540
  • Port: select USB port Epson WF-2541
  • Click OK to apply
For further information regarding the use of the Adjustment Program, please read How to use the Epson  WF-2540 Adjustment Program

Questions and Answers

Q: Error Code: 20000xxx when using the Adjustment Program. What to do?
A: Communication error! Error Code: 20000xxx occurs because the printer is not ready to accept commands from the Adjustment Program because it is still busy processing the previous command.

So when the printer receives the command example Main pad counter - Check, the power light will blink for about 60 seconds. The printer can process the next command example Main pad counter - Initialization after 60 seconds have passed. Communication error! Error Code: 20000xxx occurs because the second command "Main pad counter -> Initialization" is done while the printer is still processing the previous command. So wait for the power light to stop flashing, then run the next command.

When there is damage to the Epson printer and requires replacement of spare parts, after the damaged parts are replaced, then use the Adjustment Program to reset the printer so that it can work optimally with new spare parts. If you are having trouble repairing a faulty printer yourself, we recommend contacting an Epson Authorized Customer Service Center.

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