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How to Fix Laptop Cannot Open BIOS Setup

How to Fix Laptop Can Not Open BIOS Setup

This problem I experienced when I install windows on an Acer 4732z laptop. Before I start installing Windows, I try to press F2 key when the laptop is booting to setting BIOS, but it can't enter the bios. On the screen only appears the white screen. Well, there is little problem with this laptop, it seems can not enter to BIOS setup for installing Windows.
Have you ever experienced a laptop problem that cannot enter bios setup? Even though this laptop must be immediately reinstalled because it will soon be used to finished job. Don't be panic because there is a solution, even though you are excited about installing Windows, even a laptop that doesn't boot or doesn't enter bios.

How to Fix Laptop Cannot Open BIOS Setup

Ok, never give up right away, to fix the cases of laptops that can't enter the BIOS. Please try the following tips and make it as a solution to solve your laptop that cannot open BIOS Setup:

1. Make sure your Keyboard is Normally
If the keyboard button that used to open BIOS is damaged (F2, DEL, F1, F12) you will definitely not be able to open setup bios. We recommend you to use an External Keyboard as a help, if after using an external keyboard you can open and setting BIOS Setup, it means the cause of laptop that can not open BIOS is due to damage to the keyboard. If possible, immediately replace you laptop keyboard.

2. Disable Fast Boot
In addition to keyboard damage, why laptop cannot entering BIOS is caused of the Fast Boot settings in the BIOS in Enable, so that the laptop will be difficult to enter the BIOS settings even though it has pressed F2 key many times. I have experienced this when entering BIOS on ASUS laptop, to solve it, do the following tips below:
  1. Turn off your laptop
  2. Press F2 key repeatedly when the laptop is still turned off
  3. Turn on your laptop by pressing the power button and the F2 key is still pressed
  4. If successful, the laptop will open BIOS setting directly
  5. Change the BIOS settings to Default by selecting Exit - Load Default Setup
  6. Well, now the cause of laptop cannot open BIOS has been resolved and your laptop can now enter the BIOS normally.
3. Clean Non-Onboard Laptop Devices
Maybe you don't believe in this one tip, but I have experienced it myself on an Acer 4732Z laptop that can't enter the bios. In this third case, the laptop could not open bios caused by dust or dirt attached to the non-onboard component on the laptop so that it might be blocked when it was reading the device and finally failed to enter the BIOS Settings. I also understand that this laptop is already old and has never been dismantled at all, so that a lot of dust is attached to its components.

So, How to fix an Acer 4732Z laptop that cannot enter the bios? Try to disassemble the device one by one such as Hard Disk, RAM, Battery and Keyboard. Then clean the sticky dust. Next, please try entering the bios settings without installing these devices. If successful, turn off the laptop and then install the device that has been dismantled again. In the event that all devices are installed, try entering BIOS again to ensure that this step is successful.

That is the way I usually use to solve the laptop cannot enter the BIOS like on Asus or Acer Laptop. Good luck, hopefully useful.

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