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How to reset the waste ink counter value manually

How to reset the waste ink counter value manually

How to reset the waste ink counter value manually

Step 1: Enter service mode 
  • The printer is turned off. 
  • Press and hold the stop/reset/resume/cancel button. 
  • Press and hold the on/power button. 
  • Release the stop/reset/resume/cancel button (ON/Power button is still pressed) 
  • While holding down the on/power button, 
  • Press the stop/reset/resume/cancel button 2/3 times (see the table below), and then release the on/power button. 
  • Wait for a while, the ON/Power LED will flash and turn green/blue. 
  • If the ON/Power LED is green/blue and not flashing, it means that the printer has entered service mode and the printer is ready to reset.

Step 2: Reset the waste ink counter value to zero. 
  • Press the Stop/Reset/Resume/Cancel button 4 times, and then press the On/Power button 1 time. 
  • After pressing the ON/Power button once, check the power LED. 
  • If the Power LED flashes when the ON/Power button is pressed once, it means that the reset has been performed successfully. 
  • -Press the On/Power button once to turn off the printer, then wait about 15 seconds, and then turn on the printer again. complete.

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