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How To Install Kodak Verite 55 Printer

How To Install Kodak Verite 55 Printer

Kodak , a New York-based photography company, has recently launched a series of sophisticated Verité printers. Users, so far, are thrilled to use the inkjet and laserjet printers with both USB and wireless connectivity. Along with stalwarts like HP, Canon, Brother, or Epson, Kodak printers have successfully established their place by producing lovely prints with their all-in-one space-saving printers with an easy setup procedure. Users mostly shared their satisfying experiences, but a few wished that the noise was a little lower. When compared to other brands, Kodak printers generate less noise and make a pleasant print. Printers can also perform a variety of tasks when they are connected to the list. If you have recently purchased a Kodak Verité 55 product and want to know how to install a Kodak Verité 55 printer, you have reached the right place. By performing a few basic steps, you can quickly set up a printer without even calling a printer technician.

The installation of the Kodak printer can be accomplished in 3 simple steps-

  1. Unpacking the Printer
  2. Setting up the cartridge & scanner
  3. Downloading the drivers

Unpacking the Printer

  1. If you’ve bought it online or from a store, you need to unbox the Printer, the cartridges, the USB cords, and the manual book safely.
  2. Now that the Printer next to the computer you want to use to take the prints. You can also keep your Printer next to your Desktop if you want to connect your USB to your computer or laptop.
  3. The Printer gives you the ability to use both wirelessly and via USB connections.

Setting up the Cartridge & Scanner

  1. Plug-in, the Printer, Turn it ON.
  2. Open the upper lid where you can find the case of the cartridge. Let the cartridge cells pop up by gently pushing the finger spaces. Install the cartridges correctly and follow the instructions shown on display by the Printer.
  3. It’s going to ask you to take a test print. If this is not the case, you should do so to reach the next step.
  4. Now put the printed page on the scanner so that the document can be scanned.
  5. The display will ensure that the scanner is set up.
  6. You should go to a test scan to make sure it works just like a printing device.

Downloading the drivers

  1. You need to visit the official Kodak website to download the driver or simply click on www.kodakverite.com/support.
  2. Choose your product in the Downloads section, then choose the Model Number.
  3. Now go down and click on any OS you’re using, and then check the PC Drivers & Software version
  4. The setup will be downloaded, and you need to install the driver by enabling the system to run on your computer.
  5. Check OK when the license panel pops up and let the driver install correctly on your device.

You can install Kodak Verité 55 printer by following these steps.

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