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How To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-07

How To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-07

How To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-07

Are you facing Brother Error TS-07 while working with your brother printer? Here’s the solution for you. In this article, we stated simple steps below on how to fix a Brother Printer error ts-07. To get rid of the Brother Printer error code ts-07, follow the process in that sequence.

How to fix Brother Printer Error TS-07?

Brother Printer Error TS-07 occurs when your brother printer can not detect a WLAN access point or router that has WPS or AOSS enabled. You can fix this Brother Printer Error Code TS-07 on your own easily and quickly by following the stepwise procedure set out below.

The step-by-step process on how to fix Brother Printer Error TS-07 is as follows.
  1. First, make sure that your WLAN access point or router supports WPS or AOSS. You can verify it either by looking for icons on your router or checking the documents provided with your WLAN Access Point or Router.
  2. If your Brother Printer has WPS or AOSS enabled, configure your wireless settings using automatic wireless mode (WPS or AOSS).
  3. Make sure you operate both a Brother Printer and a WLAN access point or a router.
  4. For an uninterrupted internet connection, place your Brother Printer within the range of your WLAN access point or router.
  5. Don’t keep any signal emitting objects like mobiles around your Brother Printer or WLAN Access Point / Router, as these objects can interfere with your WLAN Router or Access Point.
  6. Click the ‘Menu’ button on your brother’s printer, then choose the network, then press ‘OK.’
  7. Now, with the help of up and down keys on your printer, search the WLAN network, choose it, and then press ‘OK.’
  8. Look for the option WPS or AOSS, select it, and then tap ‘OK.’
  9. If the message ‘WLAN Activate’ appears on the screen, select the ‘Accept’ option. This would disable the wired network settings.
  10. If the ‘Network I/F switched to wireless’ or ‘Allow WLAN ’ message is shown, click the ‘OK’ button.
  11. Now keep the WPS or AOSS button on the WLAN Access Point / Router for some time. You need to keep the button on your WLAN router or access point.
  12. Click the ‘Yes’ button then. Now your Brother Printer can automatically detect your WPN Access Point mode and connect to your wireless network.
  13. Now, on the LCD screen of your printer, the WLAN report will be displayed and printed automatically.
  14. If at all the connection fails, then check the error code on the printed WLAN report.

In this manner, you can fix the Brother Printer Error TS-05 by yourself.

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