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How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 000043 and 000033

How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 000043 and 000033
Epson Printer Error 000033 or 43 are the codes associated with the ink cartridges. If there are problems associated with the ink cartridges in the Epson Printer, it reflects a numeric code, either 000043 or 00033. When these errors occur, you would not be able to take the printouts properly, until you follow the troubleshooting guide.

What are the symptoms for Epson Error 000043 and 000033?
  • Ink system failure
  • Spilling or ink
  • Blank or black printouts
  • Unable to take the printouts
  • Printer not responding
  • What are the causes/ reasons behind Epson Printer Error 000043 and 000033?
  • Unable to setup mound or setup the cartridges
  • Cartridges are not placed carefully
  • Ink smears on the back of printouts
  • Dirty printheads
  • Paper jam issues
  • Depleted cartridges
Epson Printer Troubleshooting Steps for Error Code 000043 or 000033
  • Reset the printerConnect the printer and the computer using a USB cable
  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ press ‘Printer and Machine’
  • Search for your printer
  • Click on it and restart the device
  • Troubleshoot the cartridge problemsTurn on your printer system
  • Check if the cartridges have been mounted properly or not
  • If the ink cartridges are expanded, you need to replace it with the non-expanded ones
  • Clean up the dust from the metal chip using a soft cotton cloth
  • Clean up the cartridge chip as well
  • Make sure that the printer driver is re-installed in the system
Install the cartridgesTurn on the printer
  • Check if the printers are mounted properly or not
  • Remove the ink cartridges and reinstall it properly
  • If you face the same Epson Printer Error, you need to press the start button to restore the cartridges
  • Press down the activated pads
  • Click on the ‘Start’ button
Take a test printout
  • Restart the printerCancel all the programs you are working on
  • Turn off the printing device
  • Unplug all the wires and cables
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds
  • Re-plug the cables
  • Restart (Turn on) the device
Take a test printout
  • Inspect the paper pieceGenerally, Epson Printer Error 000043 and Epson Printer Error 00033 are triggered by paper jam issue.
  • Gently pull out the paper tray and sheet feeder
  • Press the ‘Start’ button to resume printing
  • Press the power button to turn off the printer
  • Lift the scanner unit and clean up the mess
  • Remove all the stuck bits of paper
Turn on the products backThat’s all folks! With the above-given Epson Printer troubleshoot tips and hacks, we hope that you will be easily able to get over the Epson Printer Error 00043 and 00033. The steps we have enlisted above are simple and easy-to-do, and so you would not be able to face any problems further

Other solution
Epson printer error code 000043 and 000033 typically indicate a problem with the printer's internal firmware. To fix this error, you can try the following steps:
  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Visit the Epson support website and download the latest firmware update for your printer model.
  4. Follow the instructions provided with the firmware update to install it on your printer.
  5. Once the update is complete, turn the printer back on and try printing again.
  6. If the problem persists, try reinstalling the printer driver or updating the firmware again.
If the error code still appears, it may be necessary to contact Epson customer support for further assistance.

Note: Above steps can vary based on printer model, it's recommended to check the printer manual for the exact steps for your printer.

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