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How to fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203

How to fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203

To resolve the Lexmark error code 1203, all you need is to re-install the print cartridges. Reinstallation helps you solve most printer issues. The error code 1203 indicates there is a problem in the printer cartridge. This is one of the most recurring error codes faced by Lexmark printer users. If the error code 1203 has occurred in your new Lexmark printer, then contact the manufacturer’s site to get the problem resolved. If the problem occurs during the printer lifetime, then go with the methods below to fix it.

Quick Steps To Resolve The Lexmark Printer Error 1203 Code Issues

  1. Take the printer cartridge out while the Lexmark printer is on.
  2. Switch the printer off and power it back on after a while.
  3. Check the operator panel to know whether the error gets resolved or not.
  4. Clean the printer cartridge if the error continues.
  5. Replace the printer cartridge in the Lexmark printer, and note the operator panel level.
  6. Repeat the above steps if the error 1203 is still present, insert the printer cartridge one at a time to decide which the cause of the error.
  7. Remove the problematic printer cartridge from the Lexmark printer.
  8. Go with the instructions given in the manufacturer’s site to complete the troubleshooting process.

Learn more about how to resolve the Lexmark printer error 1203 code issues

Step 1: The Lexmark error code 1203 is one of the significant issues faced by most Lexmark users. The Lexmark Printer Error code 1203 indicates the printer cartridge error. Reinstalling the printer cartridge method helps you resolve these issues. To do this, go with the description given below.

Step 2: Remove the printer cartridge from the printer while it is turned on. Switch off the printer and then turn it back on. Now get to the printer’s operator panel and check if the error is still present. If it is still present, clean the printer cartridge by troubleshooting the instructions described here.

Step 3: If the Lexmark printer displays the misplaced cartridge message, then place the printer cartridge into the peripheral. After inserting the cartridge into the printer, check the operator panel.

Step 4: If the Lexmark error code 1203 is still displayed, then repeat the same process again until it gets resolved. Try to know the reason behind the error message. If the problem is with the printer cartridge, replace it.

Step 5: If you can’t get a solution from the above description, then choose other ways to solve it. Try to get advice from our technical experts.

Step 6: To troubleshoot the communication error between the Printer Cartridge and the Peripheral, go with the instructions that are given below to do this.

Step 7: First Switch off the printer, and remove the power supply from the back of the unit. Wait for 30 seconds, replace the power supply and power on the printer.

Step 8: If the error has cleared, print a test print, if it works, then the issue is resolved. If the error code 1203 persists, open the top lid of the printer and take out both the cartridges from it.

Step 9: Switch off the peripheral and remove the power cord from the back of the unit. After waiting for 30 seconds, replace the power supply of the printer.

Step 10: If the Lexmark error code 1203 continues, check if there is any hardware issue with the printer and contact the manufacturer. Once the error gets resolved, continue printing.

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