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WanDrv Easy Driver Pack 7.20.818 for Windows 10 - 32-bit (EasyDrv7_Win10.x86_7.20.818)

AVA Studio
2020/10/16 || 0 Viewers

 Easy Driver Pack 7.20.818 ( EasyDrv7_Win10.x64_7.20.818)

WanDrv Easy Driver Pack 7.20.818 for Windows 10 - 32-bit (EasyDrv7_Win10.x86_7.20.818)

EasyDrv (Universal Driver) is a tool created by IT Sky to automatically install computer hardware drivers. With an easy-to-use interface and accurate hardware device identification, anyone can easily install computer hardware drivers offline. It will also be the best choice for your company's computer installers, systems engineers, and system maintenance personnel to deploy systems.

The collection of driver packages prepared by the IT SKY development team collects and organizes the comprehensive hardware devices currently in use. This package supports the most mainstream hardware, and is mostly compatible with hardware made in the past. EasyDrv is a hardware driver intelligent installation tool that combines ease of use, versatility, accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

EasyDrv is currently divided into public version and VIP version. In case of VIP version, if you register as an official KEY user, bundled promotional software will not be installed. If there is no official KEY, there is no difference in configuration between the public version and the VIP version, and when installing, "2345 Security Program and 2345 Browser" are installed together by default, and the default homepage of the user's browser is also modified to the 2345 site.

▶ If the malicious bundle software file is deleted, it will be executed, but the program will be terminated with an error message window.

(Note: Chinese original, before patch)

Unlocking Key/Password "avastudio"

Additional patch contents localized: QoiiOX
☞ Even without modifying the ini file, Win8, Win8.1 automatically uses the Win7 driver settings.
☞ Unlike ini files, if you change the executable file name, you can put and use multiple platform drivers in one folder.
【Windows 10 x64】
  1. [Graphic Card] Intel Ivy Bridge Core Display Driver Update
  2. [Graphics Card] Intel Haswell / Broadwell Core Display Driver Version Update
  3. [Sound Card] Realtek HD Series Audio Chip Driver v6.0.8881.1 Version Update
  4. [Network Card] Aquantia AQtion Network Card Driver Version Update
  5. [Network Card] Intel PRO100 / 1000 Series Network Card Driver Version 25.0 Update
  6. [Network Card] Realtek RTL81xxx series network card driver version 10.039 update
  7. [Network Card] Realtek RTL8152 USB Network Card driver version 10.38.0117.2020 update
  8. [Wireless Network Card] Intel Wireless Wireless Network Card Driver v21.70.0.6 Version Update
  9. [Wireless Network Card] Realtek RTL8192CE / 8723BE wireless network card driver version 2024.0.8.121 update
  10. [Wireless Network Card] Realtek RTL8192CU/8188CU Wireless Network Card Driver 1030.36.0604.2018 version update
  11. [Chipset] Intel chipset driver version 10.1.18263.8193 update
  12. [Other devices] Intel Bluetooth chip driver version update
  13. [Other devices] O2Micro OZ777 card reader driver v1.1.101.1033 version updated
  14. [Other Devices] Realtek Bluetooth Chip Driver Version 8.1025.3000 Update
  15. [Other Devices] Realtek 0139 Card Reader Driver Version 10.0.18362.31255 Update