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How to Temporary bypass and CrackZilla method


Temporary bypass and CrackZilla method , This is not new information but lot people ask me for ip proxy server for surf the net via wifi , its a useless method for entertainment proposes. this method use a chinese software wifiday4.0.zip to create a temporary bypass to access all website, and browser with safari, u can use google facebook social networks youtube any website , with your local wifi. no need htdocs or server and port or wait for the owners open their server so enjoy browsing.

Here you can try too the new experience method from a team call CrackZilla they use java software coding very simple to bypass icloud , doens´t work at least for mi but its other ideia that can open others ideias who knows.

Temporary bypass and CrackZilla method i tried it by my self it working fine, its a temporary bypass, works good in all idevices

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