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How to Reset Canon Pixma iP3600 Series "error Ink absorber full [5B01, 5B00]"

How to Reset Canon Pixma iP3600 Series error Ink absorber full [5B01, 5B00]

Error 5B01 or 5B00 on a Canon Pixma iP3600 printer indicates that the ink absorber is full and needs to be replaced. The ink absorber is a component in the printer that absorbs and stores excess ink that is expelled during the printing process.

If you see this error message, it means that the ink absorber is full and can no longer store any more ink. This can cause problems with the printer's performance and may result in poor print quality or other issues.

To fix this error, you will need to replace the ink absorber. This is typically a job that should be performed by an authorized service technician, as it requires disassembling the printer and replacing the ink absorber pad.

If you are not comfortable performing this task yourself, we recommend contacting Canon customer support or an authorized Canon service center for assistance. They will be able to provide you with the necessary support and guidance to get your printer up and running again. Canon Pixma iP3600 Series
Canon Pixma iP3600 Series Include the following Models: 
Pixma iP3600, iP3610, iP3620, iP3630, iP3640, iP3650, iP3660, iP3670, iP3680.
Operator Call Errors
  • LED blinking in orange: 8 times
  • Error: Warning: The ink absorber becomes almost full.
  • Error code: [1700/1701]
Service Call Errors
  • Cycles of blinking in orange and green: 7 times
  • Error: Ink absorber full
  • Error code: Japan: [5B01], Others: [5B00]
Solution: Reset the Printer with Canon Service Tool
Reset Canon Pixma iP3600 Series error Ink Absorber Full
STEP 1 - Enter Service Mode
  1. Turn off a printer
  2. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel button
  3. Press and hold the Power button (do not release both buttons)
  4. Release the Resume/Cancel button (do not release the Power button)
  5. While holding the Power button, press Resume/Cancel button 2 times, and then release both the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons together.
Each time the STOP button is pressed, LED light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green. When the Power LED lights in green, it's mean the printer is ready for the service mode operation, the LCD turns in black and nothing is displayed. If the Power LED does not turn green, the printer fails to enter Service Mode. Please, turn off the printer and then repeat it from the beginning.
STEP 2 - Reset the Printer
Reset the Canon Pixma iP3600 Series can be done with (select one):
Reset with Canon Service Tool v.1020
Before running this tool, make sure the printer in the Service Mode position.
  1. Download Free Canon Service Tool v.1020
  2. Extract file and open Service Tool. If Service Tool can't be open, unplug the USB cable and then open the Service Tool. After the open Service Tool, re-connect USB cable.
  3. Load paper A4 or Letter
  4. Select USB Port (1)
  5. For your reference in servicing, click EEPROM information print before resetting (2)
  6. Clear Ink Counter, click MAIN (3). Wait for the Canon  printer to finish printing D=000.0. D is a Waste ink amount. D=000.0 means "The ink absorber counter has been reset to zero".
  7. Select the destination, Region: ASA, AUS, BRA, CHN, CND, EUR, JPN, KOR, LTN, TWN, USA (4) and then click SET (5)
  8. Click EEPROM information print once again after resetting (1).
  9. Compare EEPROM information before and after reset, look at the value of D (Waste ink amount).
  10. If all goes well, close Service Tool
  11. Turn off the printer (wait 10 seconds)
  12. Turn on printer and printer ready to use

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