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How to Reset Canon Pixma MP280, MP287, MP288 error Ink Absorber Full [5B00] [5B01]

How to Reset Canon Pixma MP280, MP287, MP288 error Ink Absorber Full [5B00] [5B01]
How to Reset Canon Pixma MP280, MP287, MP288 error Ink Absorber Full [5B00] [5B01]

Operator Call Errors
  • Error: Warning: The ink absorber becomes almost full.
  • Error code: [1700]
  • 7-segment LCD: E08
Service Call Errors
  • Cycles of blinking in orange and green: 7 times
  • Error: Ink absorber full
  • Error code: Japan: [5B00], Others: [5B01]
  • 7-segment LCD: P07
  • Conditions: The ink absorber becomes full.
Solution: Reset the printer
Reset Canon Pixma MP280, MP287, and MP288 Ink Absorber Full Error [5B00] [5B01]
Before resetting, the printer must be in Service Mode.

STEP 1 - Enter Service Mode
To enter Service Mode, follow these steps:
Turn off the printer
  • Press and hold the STOP/RESET button
  • Press and hold the ON button (do not release both buttons)
  • Release the STOP/RESET button (do not release the ON button)
  • While holding the ON button, press the STOP/RESET button 4 times, then release both the ON and STOP/RESET buttons.
The power LED will turn green and the 7-segment LED will display "0" (zero) if the printer successfully enters Service Mode. If the LED does not turn green, repeat the steps to enter Service Mode.
STEP 2 - Resetting the Error
To reset the error, follow these steps:
  1. Download and extract Service Tool v.1074
  2. Open the Service Tool, if it can't be opened, unplug the USB cable, open the Service Tool, then re-connect the USB cable.
  3. Load a piece of A4 or Letter paper
  4. Click EEPROM information print to take note of the information before resetting (1)
  5. Click MAIN (2) to clear the ink counter. Wait for the printer to finish printing D=000.0. D represents the Waste ink amount. A value of D=000.0 means the ink absorber counter has been reset to zero.
  6. Select the destination region: ASA, AUS, BRA, CHN, CND, EMB, EUR, JPN, KOR, LTN, TWN, USA (3) and click SET (4)
  7. Click EEPROM information print again to take note of the information after resetting (1)
  8. Compare the EEPROM information before and after resetting, taking note of the Waste ink amount value (D)
  9. Close the Service Tool if the reset was successful
  10. Turn off the printer and wait for 10 seconds
  11. Turn on the printer and it will be ready to use.

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