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How to fix error code 0x61011be5 or ox61011be5 on HP printers

How to fix error code 0x61011be5 or ox61011be5 on HP printers

General Printer Error 0x61011be5.
  • Appears on these HP printers: D7560, C309A, C5390, C6380, ...
  • Genraly it's a carriage jam or a printhead issue.
Solution 1: Do a reset of the printer to factory default settings
  • Make sure the device is turned on.
  • Unplug the power cord from the All-In-One and from the wall outlet.
  • wait a minute Connect the power cord to the printer and to a wall outlet.
  • Disconnect the power cable from the printer (while the printer is on) and wait 20 seconds.
  • Then press and hold "#" and "6" while plugging in the power cord.
  • After connecting the power cord, release the button.
 Solution 2:
  • Open the printer and wait for the carriage to move.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from the print head.
  • Using a cotton swab dipped in hot water, gently clean the printhead and each ink cartridge until there are no traces of ink left on the swab.
  • Replace the cartridge when everything is dry.
  • Run a print test. If the error is still here, there are two possibilities.
  • The error occurs because one of the ink cartridges is defective.
  • The print head needs to be replaced. (CN642A)

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