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How to fix AdjProg "Communication Error Code 20000010"

How to fix AdjProg "Communication Error Code 20000010"

How to fix AdjProg "Communication Error Code 20000010", All the necessary steps are given below to fix AdjProg errors on your Epson printer :
  1. Make sure you have your computer and printer is connected directly using a USB cable because the reset utility will not work over a network connection.
  2. This error may encounter because of faulty USB cables and/or sockets so if possible use a different USB cable and/or USB socket on your computer to fix the issue.
  3. The utility will not work if you are trying to use it on Vista or Windows 7.
  4. You need to run the utility in compatibility mode as follows:
  5. As you would normally download any other tool, download the Adjustment utility and set your systems date/time according to the instructions.
  6. Right click on the “Adjprog” and choose “Properties“.
  7. Select “compatibility” and choose “Windows xp“.
  8. If you have the option “Run as Administrator,” find and choose it.
  9. Click on the option OK at the bottom of the opened window.
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