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How to solve Canon Service Tool "Error Code 009"

How to solve Canon Service Tool "Error Code 009"

Canon Service Tool is a device used to reset Canon printers after changing components such as: Logic Board Ass`y, Ink Absorber Kit, Print Head, etc. Canon Service Tool is a transportable utility so it does now no longer require installation. In the Service Tool there are numerous capabilities such as; Test Print, Cleaning, Set Destination, Clear Ink Counter, Ink Absorber Counter, CD-R Correction, Auto LF/EJ, Left Margin Correction, Wetting Liquid Counter, Panel Rank, Flatbed Scanner, Data Save, etc.

In order for the Service Tool for use to reset Canon printers, the printer should be in Service Mode. Service Mode is a situation wherein the Canon printer enters restore mode. After the printer enters Service Mode, open the Service Tool then choose the preferred feature key.

When a button is clicked withinside the Service Tools conversation box, that feature is executed. While the chosen feature is in operation, all buttons at the Service Tool are dimmed or inactive. When the operation is finished, the message "A feature turned into finished" will seem and different capabilities may be decided on later.

How to solve Canon Service Tool "Error Code 009"
The printer is not in Service Mode, or the Service Tool does not support the printer.
  1. Turn off the printer
  2. then repeat the procedure to enter Service Mode correctly.
If the procedure for entering Service Mode has been done correctly, but the error code: 006 still occurs, it means that the Service Tool doesn't support your printer.. If you are having trouble repairing a Canon printer yourself, it is highly recommended to ask the nearest Canon Service Center for help or the nearest printer repair professional.

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  1. Sempat pusing dengan error code:009 ganti2 reseter gagal terus, maksih gan akhirnya berhasil juga direset


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